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Photo ID - Fruits Sold in India (5MB)
Photo ID - Veggies Sold in India (7MB)
Vegetables (A to L) in India (Picture ID - 8 MB)
Vegetables (M to Z) in India (Picture ID - 6 MB)
Cold Chain for F&V (Why Care for Fruits & Vegs)
Mistakes made in Cold Chain (India-centric)
Cold Chain Training Needs
Future of Cold Chain (in India)
Creating modular Infrastructure
Need for a Facilitation Cell (Agri-Marketing Initiative)
Seafood Industry in India (ppt)

Cold Chain Opportunity in India (ppt)

Thermal control on Hawking Carts
Air Pollution Prevention (reefer facility)
Cold Chain Value Creation  (Summary CII Summit)
Reefer Ships (More on Ships)
Sample Data for Fresh Perishables
Pharma Cold Chain Queries
Pharma packaging Trials
Pit-Stop Pharma Express
Passive Thermal Storage  - What is it? 


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