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'Reefers' is shortened name for Refrigerated Ships - ocean carriers that specialise in transporting perishable cargo, under controlled conditions. Where the ambient temperature and other parameters are kept under controlled conditions that favour maximising the shelf life of the cargo. Many shipping companies, specialise in this elite for of transportation. One of them is Reefership Marine Services (RMS).

The author of this website was Master of ships managed by RMS having sailed their ships for almost 15 years. This website now remains testimony to the years Capt. Pawanexh Kohli spent working in this arm of Dole Food Inc. In fact this in its current form is the remnant of the website that RMS requested him to build and service. This website serves as informational and visitors are to take note that content only represents the author's recall and from his personal database.

About RMS

Reefership Marine Services Ltd is the ship management arm of Dole Fresh Fruit International Ltd. The organisation functions to provide cross oceanic shipping transport support to DFFI. A highly professional and dedicated team fulfils the aim of safe, efficient, prompt and competitive sea transport of live, perishable agricultural produce between continents. RMS's international team of seafarer's and shore staff is fully committed to the consistent operation of a safe and efficient fleet of refrigerated ships and refrigerated container ships whilst protecting the environment in which it operates. RMS's dedication to quality is a commitment solidly backed by stringent quality control measures, state of the art transportation technologies, continuous improvement through training and education and dedication to the safety of the employee. As part of the company one was very proud of its environmental protection programs and it is a leader both in establishing and in being the first to institute the latest in quality & safety. RMS is certified for Quality and Safety compliance by DNV.

Capt. Kohli ended his working partnership with DFFI in November 2007. In that period (since late 1992) various documents, applications and even the salary accounting software used on the ships were the personal productions created by him. This website is dedicated to the fond memory of all who shared the open seas with him and for those who continue to face the perils of the sea. The design, content and matter of this website is particular and the copyright of Capt. Pawanexh Kohli. He now runs an advisory firm in India - called CrossTree techno-visors.

Company Profile

The company Reefership Marine Services Ltd. is typically involved in managing the sea based transportation of Dole cargoes, primarily of perishable fruit cargo under refrigerated carriage conditions from its production centers to markets in USA, Europe and the Far East. On occasion other cargos may also be carried.

Strict Quality control mechanisms are engaged to maximize profits from the fruit trade while enabling safe, economical and an environmentally friendly shipping trade. A team of shore based professionals work in conjunction with the floating staff employing a lateral system of management, ensuring carriage of quality perishable produce with minimal shelf life; no operational downtimes tolerated.

The management offices are based out of San Jose, Costa Rica. Other placement offices are in Mumbai and Manila. The company employs career minded personnel from among various nationalities - Indian, Portuguese, Filipinos, Norwegians, Ecuadorians, Costa Ricans, Americans, British, etc.

The ships owned by the company fly the Bahamas Flag with the sole exception of one which is under the Malta Flag
(in 2007).

Content on this website is informational and dated to memories and experiences of the web designer from when he was Master of ships in Dole fresh Fruit International. All trademarks, logos or source marks are the property of their respective owners. Where displayed they are part of the information represented or for identification purpose and have no commercial intent. Information, images, pictures are contributions of their respective authors/owners. All documents authored by Pawanexh Kohli are indicated and his copyright. All are to note that this website has no affiliation to the company Reefership Marine Services Ltd as it exists today.
Originally published in 2007 as a trial website on request of Reefership Marine Services. Content amended since then.
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